Writing at the Coffee Shop

Ugh! I’ve recently joined the legions of people who work in coffee shops. Most afternoon now, you’ll find me at my favorite shop typing away on my laptop, enjoying a cup of herbal tea. The barista knows me by name, what kind of tea I drink and that I like a couple ice cubes to cool it off a little. After every nine cups of tea, I get a free one.

This isn’t the closest coffee shop to my house. When I decided to try moving my writing, I searched on Yelp for nearby shops. There are three Starbucks in my town, one I can walk to. Instead, I drive fifteen minutes to get to the one I write.

coffee shop 2I chose The Mug Coffee because it is bright and cheery inside. Most of the time, it’s pretty quiet. Electrical outlets are abundant and the people are nice.

Being at home is not a problem for me when I’m working, but when I’m writing, it’s different.I’ll go downstairs to make some tea and often I get distracted as I wait for the water to heat and the tea to brew. The counter needs to be wiped down, I’ll wash the pan from breakfast and, oh look, the dishwasher is ready to be emptied. Did I mention my husband has been working from home recently?

Twenty minutes later when I get back to my desk, I’ve lost my train of thought. It’s easy to pick up where I left off if I’m working. But not when I’m writing. Then it takes another ten or fifteen minutes to regain my momentum. No employer would stand for a 30-35 minute tea break and neither can I. Granted I lose the time when I’m driving, but I’m so much more productive when I’m there that it’s worth it.

So, if you’re ever at The Mug and see me writing, stop by and say hello. But don’t stay long!


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2 thoughts on “Writing at the Coffee Shop

  1. I think I need like a private coffee shop to write in. Avoid the distractions of home and the distractions of people coming in and out of the shop. 🙂


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