About Rhonda


One summer, I came across some interesting journals and letters. As I read, I realized there was a story there to be told. Not the true story, because no one knows the true story. But what I read had the makings of a great story, even if it would have to be fiction. That day, the idea was planted in my head.

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Each year, over 300,000 people worldwide attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. I’m a personal historian with no experience writing fiction, but in mid-October I decided I would give NaNoWriMo a try. Then I left town for a week to attend a conference. So much for advance planning!

On the first day of November, I sat down to start my novel. By November 28, I had 50,000 words and a very rough draft. This blog is about my efforts to get from that initial idea to a finished novel.

Wish me luck!

As a personal history writer, I help people turn their memories into a keepsake personal memoir or business history book.

I make my home in Palm Desert, California with my favorite husband, Jonathan Kalkwarf, and my faithful dog, Marley.


4 thoughts on “About Rhonda

  1. Wishing you luck, Rhonda. I’m on a similar journey, working on a novel, a collection of short stories, and an idea for an adventure series for middle graders. Oh, and I blog. I started blogging to pave the way to becoming a “real” writer, and found I love blogging as much as I love the other writing I’ve been doing. It’s been wonderful connecting with other bloggers, writers, and readers. I’m glad we’re connecting too. BTW – I love the simple, clean style you’ve created here. Very refreshing and professional.


    1. Thank you, Deborah for your kind words and encouragement. I’ve been blogging for a while on my personal historian website (mystorysaved.com) but this is a new adventure. I hope to make it real enough for others to appreciate the “sausage making” of writing my first novel. Oops! Did I just say first? Good luck in your endeavors, as well!

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  2. Hey Rhonda… thanks for including us in this journey… looking forward to having it unfold! I know it will be amazing… it has to be…. because you are fabulous!


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