My Story Saved

When I am not working on my novel, I am a personal historian. I help people turn their memories into a keepsake personal memoir or business history book.

When people share stories, loved ones learn about their life and life experiences. They hear about a life much different than today. Were there streetcars, laundry on the line or outhouses? Did someone come to this country from someplace else or build their own business?  Families wants to hear about these experiences and to know what it meant to their loved ones.

As a personal historian, I’ve learned there is no ordinary life and everyone has a story to tell.  We collect all the precious stories and memories that make up a life and preserve them in a keepsake book to treasure. Each project is unique.

There is no charge for the initial consultation. Together, I work with clients to craft the ideal tribute for their story and their budget. Visit for more information.


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