When Things Settle Down …

I’ve been having a hard time finding making time to write. For most of July, I had company in town. When they left, I had to catch up on work, cleaning, shopping, laundry, and writing. Since then, there have been special projects, business travel, doctors’ appointments, and Cubs’ games. Monday was Labor Day and next week I’ll be traveling again.

nanowrimologoNaNoWriMo is in November and I really hoped to participate this year. I know now that isn’t in the cards. I need to finish this draft before I invite new characters into my head.

I keep thinking to myself that as soon as things settle down, I’ll be able to focus more time on writing. But yesterday I realized (once again) that things never really do settle down. I have more travel ahead and before long, it’ll be the holiday season. Life actually is craziness.

My goal for the past several months has been 4,000 words per week and mostly I haven’t been making it. I’ve been frustrated that it seems so out of reach. Right now when I sit down to write, I’m writing and editing at the same time to fill holes in the story. Yesterday, my word count was -82 because I moved some things around and edited out duplicate information. I’m sure I wrote new words, too!

11982449 - vector hourglass isolated on white background

I know I said in my last post that I would continue to strive for 4,000 words a week, but it’s just not realistic right now. Writing for one hour a day is my new goal. It doesn’t seem like a stretch. It seems quite doable. But then, I know there will be days when I can’t write at all. I hope to make that time up over the course of the week.

Wish me luck!


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One thought on “When Things Settle Down …

  1. Haha…I know the feeling. Bon and I got back from our latest trip this week. We have next week here and then we go to California on the 19th. I am trying to get caught up with work around the house. I am also helping our church paint a house next week.

    I am sure the suggestions you made will make our story better. Bonnie read the rough draft and has a couple suggestions, she liked it enough to have tears in her eyes because of all the memories ….a good thing!. As you told me, letting it sit and having time to meditate is a good thing. I’ll focus on our literary efforts after we get back and when it’s convenient for you too. No hurry.

    Our best to you and John.



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