Lost at Sea

PendragonIn 1977, a man was lost at sea while sailing alone in the Bahamas. His boat was found, intact, but he was missing, presumed dead. No one knows for sure what happened. The seas in the area are known to be among the roughest for sailing. There were pirates around. Drug dealing was done from some of the islands near where his boat was found. The sharks were spawning. It was the beginning of hurricane season. He had seriously injured his arm which may have affected his ability to handle his boat. There was reportedly someone who had relentlessly pursued the vintage craft the man had lovingly restored. His life was not going well at the time and he could have staged his own disappearance. No one knows.


6 thoughts on “Lost at Sea

  1. I’ll be following your story too. My family and I sailed around the world, so someone going missing on a sailboat is especially harrowing to me. Boats alone at sea are so vulnerable. I look back at what we did and am amazed.

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  2. Deborah, I can’t imagine doing what you did! One of the many challenges I have writing this book is that I’m not a sailor. I am relying on my siblings who grew up sailing to help me with that part.


  3. I didn’t realize there was so much uncertainty around his death. We are all looking forward to your updates on this journey.


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